Omnifold Art Panels

Art Panels are the easiest way to pick and display original art from your favorite local artists.  Choose an artist (or let the curator decide) and the amount of art you want to display, and let Omnifold install the new work in your space.  New, original art is brought every month to fill your number of Art Panels.


Ever-Growing Options

Choose your Artist  to display or have the curators at Omnifold pick artworks that cater to your space.  Omnifold is adding new artists and new series of artworks every month, so you'll always have fresh work on display. Bring in new customers to your space by offering new art to see. Become a part of the local monthly Art Crawl by showing off new, gallery-quality artwork in your business.


Easily Change Your Style

If you love your current month's artwork, you can keep it another month or purchase it to have forever. (btw, the artist always keeps 100% of the profits from a sale). If you want to change it up, though, just select another artist from the Omnifold website and your new art will be delivered and hung up as part of your subscription!

Works well with others

Omnifold Art Panels can hang anywhere, on any surface, like brick, concrete, drywall and wood paneling. This means that art displayed on the Panel looks its best and is protected from bumps and scuffs from passersby. The matte white of the Panel goes with everything and can turn a boring beige wall into a exciting point-of-interest. 


Support Local Arts

All Omnifold artworks are original, one-of-a-kind pieces made by local artists. No cheap, manufactured prints or machine-made paintings. You can meet the artist in person, and know that you're supporting the Arts in your town. Omnifold uses the profits from your subscription to make behind-the-scenes videos and promotions of the artists, helping them to grow along with your investment.