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Artist Profiles

Painter & printmaker Lindsy Davis gives us a look at her craft from inside her warmly-lit basement studio in East Nashville.  Video by Jonathan Lisenby for Omnifold.


Nashville-native Michael Hampton speaks on childhood artistic influences, and eventually tells us a joke.  Video by Jonathan Lisenby for Omnifold


Jessica Lynn Clay delivers fragile and meaty sculpture, painting, and sketchy, maquette-style renderings for Into The Watershed, Bijan Ferdowsi Gallery's final show at its current Nashville, TN space.  Video by Jonathan Lisenby for Omnifold.


Impermanent is a one-night art exhibit in Nashville, TN. featuring graffiti, performance, and social practice arttists.  Video by Jonathan Lisenby for Omnifold.

Artist Carina Pearson shares some of her creative-output thought process with Omnifold while live-painting at her Nashville, TN studio. Video by Jonathan Lisenby for Omnifold.



Photo Collections

Omnifold artist and curator Jonathan Lisenby visits with painter Kelly S. Williams in her Germantown, Nashville home studio.



Painter David Onri Anderson opens up his basement studio - the home of Bijan Ferdowsi Gallery - for a studio visit with Omnifold curator Jonathan Lisenby.  Listen to the audio of the conversation here.


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