Austin Reavis

Art Box 1 - Sample Works




Austin Reavis Portrait.jpg

The best part of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is when the infected body of one of the scientists explodes into many smaller subsets of an alien; his chest opening into a mouth; the organs jack-in-the-boxing onto the ceiling; and the head dislocating to scurry away. Similarly, my own practice inhabits the objects that surround me and bursts through them into many free-thinking creatures.
 I do not hide the transformation that happens with my art, however. I let all of my processes remain in plain sight. The material-ness of the objects I use and the ways that they are combined is as important to me as the things themselves. This is because my own relationship to objects is something that I am trying to understand. I need to grapple with the thingy-ness of what surrounds me, which means that my world needs to travel through my hands. Play and open-endedness are essential to my practice, as kinesthetics seems to be how I learn and access.