Video Preview: "Impermanent" Underground Nashville Exhibit

by Jonathan Lisenby

Impermanent is a one-night-only "Underground Art Exhibition" happening this Saturday, April 28th in an unmarked warehouse in The Nations area of west Nashville. One of the event-planners and curators, Sterling Goller-Brown, noted that the custom art will not be outright destroyed immediately following the show, like in his past Demographics series.  Watch the short video below to get a sense of the dark and colorful tone of this one-night show:

Video by Jonathan Lisenby for Omnifold. Impermanent is a one-night-only art show taking place April 28th, 2018 at 1211 57th Ave. N. in Nashville, TN.

Click here to check out the Facebook Event page for more information on Impermanent.  More photos, artist links, and reviews for Impermanent are coming soon, here at Omnifold.