EastSide Art: September Preview

Casey Pierce at Red Arrow Gallery

Casey Pierce at Red Arrow Gallery

Red Arrow Gallery | 919 Gallatin Ave #4

“Architectureality is about the real effects of imaginary restraints. Conversely art is an illusory effect born of real restraint.
In this image, saturated society, I find myself gravitating toward spaces where I can catch a visual breath. I hope to pass on that same satisfaction to you.
In my life as a director I pour over thousands of images, 24 frames per second. Each one has to be touched. Every video is different with its own specialized set of imagery that has to be curated. I found that when I come back to painting after this I want to make a single image that radiates slowly over time as a counterpoint to the deluge.”

-Casey Pierce, Architectureality Statement, 2018

Casey Pierce (b. 1982, Hopkinsville KY) is a visual artist working and living in Nashville Tennessee. He splits his time between painting, video art and directing music videos and commercials. He began showing his work in Nashville 10 years ago at various Nashville galleries and events. This is his first solo show with Red Arrow Gallery.

Kateri Pomeroy

Kateri Pomeroy

Poverty And The Arts | 1207 Dickerson Pike

Kateri Pomeroy joined our Artist Collective in May 2014. She is originally from Denver, CO and was homeless in Nashville for 4 years before securing section 8 housing while in our Artist Collective in April 2015 with the help of Open Table Nashville.

Kateri's interest in creating art began while coloring with her mother, and when she started school and took art classes, that passion grew. Now in her more advanced years, the passion to create has more intensity with each created piece, as she views each creation as its own spiritual experience.

Kateri has live-painted at many local events around town including the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville's Summer Soiree fundraiser and West End United Methodist Church's Pilgrimage Journey.

Shop Kateri's full collection of works online here: http://povertyandthearts.org/shop-by-artist/kateri/

from left: Rachel Karr, Charlie Tambellini, L, Darek Tidwell

Story Forge | 720 Rundle Ave

Darek Tidwell
His obsessive research of light and sound, he is the self crowned embodiment of an auditory and visual hallucination. More a question than a answer. Less a revolutionary than a rogue. Formerly an accomplished and critically acclaimed Chef, his heady hostile artistry once constrained by the plate has spilled into an all together world of its own, Fiat lux. Darek’s last projects in conjunction with Charlie and L include festivals, the Elliston Place garage with Nashville walls project as well as fundraising and philanthropic events. Further would like to bridge the digital and analogue worlds through attention grabbing story telling and large scale installations.

Hailing from Eastern Europe, L’s view is through a kaleidoscope lens, this life we experience as earth bound primates. Constantly evaluating and challenging the assumptions our culture imposes, her curiosity into the minds and hearts of the modern age is ever expanding. Ultimately, her art is the direct reflection of her study into our psychology as she explores the mind and motives of this species most curious, humans. She insists "no patterns we see are random noise” This is L’s debut showing of her ever evolving works.

Charlie Tambellini
Charlie’s vision has seen him build a small bottling operation into an annual Multimedia and Music experience Further Festival.  Ever expanding is the only way to describe not only the farm and its loyal pilgrims that attend each year, but also the Visual Artistry he achieves ever year. Featuring multiple stages including a 40ft tall geodesic dome stage, the Further team uses over 100K in lumens to bring the night to life.  The green lush mountain valley transforms into a world of imagination. September 28th-30th, this installation is an invitation into the world Further. He pauses only to remark with "The media is the message…."Charlies work has been featured at numerous festivals, Nashville walls project, Elliston Place and the Nations Impermanent art show.

Rachel Karr
Rachel Karr (b. 1982) is a painter living and working in East Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, daughter, twin sons, and cats. She graduated with a BFA from Austin Peay State University in 2006.

While working as a commercial photographer, she became interested in Astrophotography that grew her love and interest in the cosmos as a subject. Unable to photograph the many wonderful forms, colors, and depths of the universe she uses her skills as a painter to capture that vast beauty. Using a process of acrylic glazing and a variety of powder and mica based pigments the artist creates sparkling luminous imagery often combining this with silhouettes to
explore the universe within and around us all.

Courtney Spencer at Green Gallery

Courtney Spencer at Green Gallery

Green Gallery | 805 Woodland St

Ryan Noble's "sane world" is a deposition in the aftermath of orbiting the psyche and landing safely yet uncomfortably back in the real sane world. The works represent two parts of the journey. Time as an idea and the playfulness of reality.

Courtney Spencer's work centers around reconstructing repurposed materials to create new interpretations that might go unnoticed in their original form. These works, combined with the use of color, scale, and symmetry, seek to prove that junk is not junk-- every unique bit and piece has multiple layers of meaning waiting to be realized.

Sean Wallace at Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Sean Wallace at Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Turnip Green Creative Reuse | 945 Woodland St.

Join us Saturday, September 8 from 6-9pm in the Green Gallery for an opening reception of Windows of Opportunity, a solo exhibition featuring barbed wire art by Sean Wallace. Sean’s barbed wire art technique incorporates different types of wire, antique windows, and a myriad of ideas. Sean has chosen barbed wire to reflect its soft strength.

Sean Wallace is a self taught artist and gifted musician currently living in Cadiz, KY. Sean grew up in Moravia, Jamaica. He was one of thirteen children, raised in a loving, devout family. Sean began creating art as a young man in Jamaica, using any materials he could find including pencils, paint, pens, markers, pastels, and watercolors. He discovered old barbed wire as an art material after arriving in the United States, where he developed his own unique artistry and style from this rugged yet beautiful material. Of his work, Sean states, “I want my art to be created through the eyes of God. It has been through His guidance that my talents are being developed. The use of barbed wire is a fitting reflection of His soft strength.” Sean is also a motivational speaker, musician, and actor. He helped found and currently runs the Glory Outreach Program, a Jamaican mission program serving children and families in rural Jamaica.



Raven And Whale Gallery | 1108 Woodland Street Unit G

"In my mind there is little distinction between the practice of art making and the practice of yoga. When I draw in ink from a veritable stream of consciousness, I am literally drawing from––as in tapping into––a seemingly infinite, variable, and yet indescribable source. By mark-making through this source I am, in a sense, becoming some aspect of it. This by definition this is yoga, which means to yoke, or commune, with the infinite."

-Open Studio Statement, Vibhu Krishna

Open Studio presents an inquiry into self, wherein the yogic method of svadhyaya, or self-study, is rigorously applied to posture and pen. These meticulous drawings reflect the artist’s state of consciousness after experiencing various yoga postures (asanas), which are shown within the age-old symbol of self and the microcosm: the circle. Simultaneously, the carefully-sequenced practice of ancient yogic asanas within the gallery space allows for the dissemination of meditation, thus blurring the line between the yoga and art studio practices. By merging these practices, Open Studio expands common understanding of what yoga means while exploring its fundamental tie to meditative artwork. The space is a gallery and a yoga studio, providing a guided study and a free practice. It is both introverted and extroverted; it is both art and asana.

Through this method, the tools for asana and meditation—mats, sequences, studio space—become one with the artwork, and together they aim to achieve yoga. This exhibition is at once deeply philosophical, highly introspective, and an open-armed playspace for connecting to creative energy.

Vibhu Krishna (b. 1994, Lubbock, TX) is a New York-based Indian-American artist, medical student, and yogi who explores the intersection of these three practices through rigorous academic and artistic inquiry. By utilizing meditative, intricate ink drawings as a platform for creating installation, her artwork—in combination with study of health and medicine—has the ultimate goal of healing. Upon receiving the Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Grant from Vanderbilt University (B.A.), Vibhu traveled extensively throughout southeast Asia, therein acquiring yoga teacher training and a deeper understanding of the origins of mind-body practice as a mechanism of healing. She currently attends Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York city.