Yovi Veliz

Art Box 1




I create a fictitious space that quickly shifts between illusory and the concretely material.  I think of these spaces as sets or “play” pieces that forcibly exercise the viewer’s ability to make that perceptual shift.  A suspension of disbelief is necessary to enter into the four-dimensional world my two-dimensional works imply.

My work showcases the psychological and visual interaction of recognizable objects and the abstract mark.  These interactions oscillate between awkward and intuitive, often deconstructing mid-action to highlight the component structure of the mark.  I try to fragment the viewer’s point-of-entry into the narrative of each piece, reinforcing the feeling of simultaneity that comes with personal projection into an image.

My main sources of inspiration are contemporary escapist media, like sci-fi movies, comic books, and fantasy novels, which use these objects to depict power and the human involvement in the supernatural.  Although I’m heavily influenced by these quick, slick manufactured contemporary media objects, my practice is slow and hands-on, reflecting the traditions of wood carving, painting on canvas, and calligraphy.


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