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Photoblog: Open Studios Nashville 2017

Open Studios Nashville is a semi-annual, city-wide artist and maker studio tour that offers the chance to meet local artists, see the spaces where they work, and learn about their creative process.  Large group studio spaces available for tour like Platetone, 100 Taylor Arts Collective, and Ground Floor Gallery & Studios, represent artists in East Nashville, historic Germantown, and Wedgewood-Houston, and make it simple to visit several studios in one stop.  Open Studios Nashville 2017 was the inaugural Open Studios event.

Conversation With Painter Erin Murphy

by Jonathan Lisenby

Erin Portrait.jpg

Erin Murphy is a painter and sculptor based in Nashville, TN.  This audio interview was recorded in her studio at Ground Floor Gallery + Studios in the Wedgewood-Houston area.  Curator Jonathan Lisenby sits down with Erin to talk about growing up in a creativity-quashing environment, rubbing gravestones, and becoming Xena: Warrior Princess, among other things.