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Photoblog: Duncan McDaniel at Red Arrow

Duncan McDaniel's Standing Wave is up at Red Arrow in East Nashville from April 14th May 6th. The majority of the exhibit is a series of paintings on paper that stack and repeat thin lines to form wave-like patterns.  From Red Arrow's press release on Standing Wave:

"In this series Duncan McDaniel incorporates art and design into an intrinsic experience of finding harmony and simplicity in the creative process. The organic quality of the work is not as much of a decision of subject matter, but more of a process based evolution that highlights the binding connection between man and nature. Using elements of artificial light, found industrial materials and inks the artist creates work that reflect shapes and patterns that are nestled harmoniously in between the natural, manufactured, and the spiritual. The soul of the work reflects an approachable lighthearted quality indicative of hearing a pleasing note or the sound of om."

Conversation With Painter Erin Murphy

by Jonathan Lisenby

Erin Portrait.jpg

Erin Murphy is a painter and sculptor based in Nashville, TN.  This audio interview was recorded in her studio at Ground Floor Gallery + Studios in the Wedgewood-Houston area.  Curator Jonathan Lisenby sits down with Erin to talk about growing up in a creativity-quashing environment, rubbing gravestones, and becoming Xena: Warrior Princess, among other things.

Photoblog: USMAIL & USNAVY - Zack Rafuls & Scott Zieher @ Bijan Ferdowsi

by Jonathan Lisenby